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Digiscoping Yellowstone

Digiscoping Yellowstone

Jan 15, 2022


Robert Wilson

Digiscoping Yellowstone

I have always had a special place in my heart for Yellowstone. I lived in the park for several years and I return often. I typically go in early May or late in the fall. Springtime is a time of rebirth for the animals after the extreme winter. It is also a time for baby animals. Grizzlies with cubs high on the distant mountaintops, wolves with their pups in dens, and red dogs or young bison frolicking everywhere are common sights. The fall brings on the elk rut and is a great time for fly fishing. A scope is the perfect optic to have in Yellowstone and digiscoping just makes sense because of the extreme focal length and distance capability.

We visited Yellowstone recently and had a ball testing out the new Novagrade double gripper with the latest iPhone, coupled with a Kowa 883 scope. All passed the test and proved to be the perfect combination for Phonescoping. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my setup. A stable tripod with a fluid video head works best. Use a Bluetooth or your earbuds for a shutter release,  the earbuds from your iPhone or the voice command to release the shutter on android phones to avoid touching the camera. While the iPhone auto focus seems improved, I still lock focus to avoid the camera from searching.

We were laughing about coming all the way to Yellowstone to Digiscope chipmunks when this grizzly bear snuck up behind us. Guess the chipmunk had the last laugh as he watched us high up on his rocky perch diving into our car.

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