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Connect your camera to any eyepiece using our T-Mount Digiscoping Adapter via the lens filter threads. Simply select the filter ring size in the drop down menu.


What Size Filter Ring do I need?  Look at your camera lens, it should indicate the diameter of filters that it takes. In our photo here, the diameter is outlined in red.

Everything you need to couple your camera to the eyepiece of your spotting scope. Simply screw the appropriately sized FILTER RING ADAPTER onto the filter threads of your lens. The polymer COMPRESSION RING ensures a perfectly centered image as well as a mar free interface to the eyepiece, a simple twist and it is locked on!

Six COMPRESSION RINGS are included for eyepieces from 39mm to 60.75mm in diameter. (Optional SMALL COMPRESSION RING set available for eyepieces less than 39mm for sale HERE)

Patent Pending 

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