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These ultra light binocular harnesses keep their elasticity and don’t restrict your motion. They are comfortable to wear all day long and don’t make you hot like straps do.

The fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly adjust to any change of clothing. They fit any style of binoculars.

Advantages of the Ultra-light Binocular Harness

-Compact & lightweight

-Stores tangle-free, wrapped back around your binoculars

-Cool to wear - does not trap body heat and allows your body to breath

-Virtually no wind vibration as experienced with flat strap type

-Less strain when stretching binoculars to view through, yet extremely durable and firmly holds binoculars to your chest

-Field tested for many years now, and stretch cord does not lose its shape or effectiveness

-Fasteners are made of tested and proven composite


-Olive or Black colored binocular harness
-Quick release hardware
-Single point adjustment

Eyepiece Questions

  • Question: "Will the Novagrade fit my spotting scope, binoculars, or telescope?"

  • Answer: As long as the following three criteria are met then yes! 1) Eyepiece must be round. 2) Eyepiece must protrude at least 22mm for Novagrade to grip. 3) Eyepiece diameter must range from 23mm - 60.75mm. A quick note: If your eyepiece diameter falls between 23mm - 39mm you'll need our small compression ring set.

Spotting scope eyepiece sizing


Phone Adapter Questions

  • Question: "I have more than one lens on the back of my phone, will the Novagrade still work?"
Phones with multiple camera lenses
    • Answer: Absolutely! Most smartphones have multiple lenses on the back to accommodate different zoom ranges or angle width. Determining which lens you should align to takes a bit of practice the first time. We recommend putting your phone in video mode (instead of snapshots) and zooming in and out on a test subject to get a feel for when your phone switches lenses. Check out our YouTube Channel for walkthroughs, tips, and tricks. Or reach out to us directly and someone from our team can help you get dialed in.

  • Question: "My image is only a small circle surrounded by black - how can I fix this?"
Silhouette of digiscope vignetting
    • Answer: This is referred to as vignetting and is to some extent inevitable when digiscoping. There are, however, a number of things that can be done to minimize it. 1.) Zoom in on your phone. 2.) Check that your phone's lens is aligned directly through the center of the adapter and straight into the eyepiece of your optics. 3.)  Make sure your adapter is mounted as far forward on the eyepiece as possible, placing the camera as close to the eyepiece as possible. Some eyepieces have rubber eye-cups that can be removed to allow a better fit. Be sure to check out our tips & tricks videos for more!

Compression Ring Questions

  •  Question: "My Novagrade came with several rings, which do I use?"
    • Answer:

    • Only one of the compression rings will be used at any given time. Choosing which compression ring to use is a matter of finding which of the rings has the closest fit to your eyepiece before securing your phone, see video above for detailed walk-through.

Camera Adapter Questions

  •  Question: "Which of my lenses can I use with the Novagrade?"
    • Answer: That depends on whether you're using a lens at all. We have two styles of camera adapter. Check out our direct projection or through-the-lens page for more on the differences. Our through-the-lens adapters attach to the filter threads of your lens. Check your lens filter size to find your filter diameter (see below) and select that size from our camera adapter page.  Camera Lens Filter Ring Size



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